These are some of my favorite tried-and-true products, tools, and resources. 



1000 mg CBD in 1 oz. dropper bottle. Professionally grown and formulated in the USA. Full spectrum, CO2 extracted using MCT (coconut) oil as the carrier oil. 100% Organic, non-GMO.

E3Live + BrainON

This is E3Live + BrainON with the addition of a fresh light apple/lemon citrus flavor. We have added a light flavoring of Organic Apple and Lemon resulting in a refreshing citrus taste that isn’t overwhelming or over-sweet.

E3Live + BrainOn is certified organic, fresh frozen AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) with a concentrated, aqueous, organic extract of Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Phycocyanin. Clinical research suggests that Phycocyanin may support healthy, whole-body inflammation responses. PEA is a naturally occurring extract from AFA and research suggests that PEA may support a positive mood balance and give you the ability to manage everyday stress by modulating the release of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine and dopamine).*

E3Live + BrainON is for anyone who wishes to balance mood and increase concentration while functioning at a higher level.

    Gundry MD Supplements

    This groundbreaking new formula was created to offset the discomforting effects of lectins (proteins commonly found in plants that make them harder to digest). Lectin foods pervade the typical American diet and it can be difficult to maintain a completely lectin free diet. This is where Lectin Shield comes in. Lectin Shield works to protect your body from a pile-up of lectins and to promote full-body comfort.

    1. Supports intestinal health.
    2. Blocks dietary lectins.
    3. Helps reduce instances of gas and bloating.
    4. Helps curb cravings for lectin foods and encourages digestive strength.

    5 Smoothies for Thyroid Health

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